In the world of Airsoft games, there are numerous types of Airsoft guns available in the world market. We can categorize them according to their size- whether they are hand-held like pistols or large weapons such as rifles and shotguns. In this post, we’ll check out the types of the same from the blog of Airsoft gun Canada.

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Types of Airsoft Guns

1.     Dock weapons

These are the cheapest Airsoft gun available in the market. It is quite popular for its low rate of fire.  However, they are at a clear disadvantage compared to gas or electric. For snipers whose firing frequency is lower this type of weapon if it worth. It is the best fit gun for them since it has higher accuracy than gas or electric.

2.     Gas weapons

These are hybrid Airsoft guns.  Actually, they are automatic electric models from Airsoft gun Canada that have a blowback driven by gas. They of course best Airsoft gun available in the market, they are expensive too!

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3.     Spring Weapon

Spring Weapons are handguns with their spring propellers. When you compress the spring, it stores elastic energy. At the moment of firing, this spring is released and compresses the air that is in the cylinder. The recharge is manual and made with every shot, you have to actuate the bolt or slide that compresses the spring and leaves it ready for a new shot. Usually, they are lighter and smaller, ideal for sports shooting training, and AirSoft actions.

  1. AEG weapon

Already the AEG guns have their power drive by electric mechanisms, rely on a rechargeable electric battery. It has a spring that, when released, pushes the piston into a cylinder. It compresses the air to expel BB. As the action is electronic, these types of Airsoft guns Canada have two firing modes, automatic and intermittent. Their recoil is considerably smaller than the spring model. It has its physical characteristics greater than Springs! With capacity for more BB’s and faster and more accurate shots.

As per Airsoft guns Canada, the most common are electric weapons. Its mechanism works through a gearbox with an electric motor to drive the piston and release it, which is powered by a battery. It has a cadence that can reach up to 100 BBS per second, although for the market it is usually between 12 and 18. Its chargers have a capacity that usually ranges from 300 to 400 balls. You can also decide if you want semiautomatic or automatic triggering.

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However, Airsoft guns Canada AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) are the most commonly used weapon in Airsoft fields. This is due to a series of advantages that the other two models hardly acquires.

Standard chargers can accommodate between 50 to 80 shots. You also have the option of buying other chargers with capacities of up to 600 shots.

Its firing rate is the highest with these guns and you can empty an entire charger without worrying about cooling or overheating.


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